Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting started with Clint, or good-bye $184.13

Watching every Clint Eastwood movie is not as easy, or as cheap, as God intended.

What stings most is the certain knowledge that the most expensive movies in the Eastwood Film Library of Grunts and Spitting are also the worst ones.

At the start of his career, Clint was a Hollywood unknown who had bit parts in 11 obscure movies released from 1955 to 1958. These are forgotten films with titles like “Lafayette Escadrille.” Eastwood himself — according to the unimpeachable source Wikipedia — called one of them the worst western ever made.

Movies so bad and so forgotten usually cannot be rented. Even with the Internet, finding them all for purchase is difficult. Prices can be outrageously stiff because of rarity.

Two of these movies — bad science fiction, which evidently always has a market — were found on Netflix. The other nine cost $184.13, with shipping.

Andrew gasped when he saw the $47.82 price tag for the most expensive cinematic turd on our viewing list.

“Why?” he asked. “Why?”

Because The Clint Eastwood Project has no shortcuts. That’s why.


  1. Speaking of the Clintster - I got a bargain of a box set today - £18 for an 8 movie box set. I only needed two of the films -The Eiger Sanction and Breezy. Still I'll sell my doubles on ebay. One thing will you be looking at the films Clint has directed but not appeared in?

  2. Hey fellas, I just hopped on your wild ride of a blog. Can't wait to read your reviews. - Tom

  3. you are going to include a girly flick like Bridges of Madison County right?