Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sixteen months with Clint: How it happened

Hailed as “an absurd completist task” and “ultimate proof Americans have too much leisure time,” The Clint Eastwood Project began for one reason that explains many towering male achievements.

 It began because no women were around.

Brad Flory and son Andrew lived for 14 years in the delicate balance of a household with two females and two males.

Balance was shattered when Andrew’s sister went off to college, leaving males with a two-to-one majority. The advantage was promptly exploited with gun purchases, frank and open comments about female breasts, and loud belches emitted whenever the mood struck.

The ultimate celebration came on “Boys Night,” one evening each week when Andrew’s mother taught a class. Left to do as they pleased, father and son searched for lessons on manhood by eating fast food and watching Clint Eastwood movies.

Few people on the planet share our accomplishment (probably because they don't want to) in successfully watching, in chronological order, every movie Clint ever made as an actor.

Sixteen months were devoted to this project, and it wasn't always easy and or pleasant.

Scouring of the Internet was needed to obtain Clint’s movies from his time as an unknown studio contract actor in the 1950s. These early films include some of the worst turds in cinema history. In some, Clint is onscreen only briefly and has just one line. Only insane people even count them as Eastwood films.

To follow our progress as it happened, you must go back to the earliest blog posts, in January 2010, and work forward in time. Otherwise, you will start with our “Final Report” and work back. Several video links to film clips are dead now. Sorry.

Long after the mission was accomplished, Clint fooled us by returning to acting in “Trouble with the Curve.”

Our impressions will be posted after "Trouble with the Curve" comes out on DVD, when it can be viewed with fast food. Ticket guys won’t let us take Taco Bell into the theaters, probably because they are jealous of our manhood.

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  1. Because nothing says 'manhood' like stuffing five Gordito Supremes down your throat while watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.